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Bamboo Joint

This design has sections which are equipped by various tool bits. Plus and minus combinations can change its total length, which makes it adapt to various spaces and easy to carry. The tool holder of it is easy to insert and unplug and its grip feeling is excellent. And a striking symbol on its tool bit makes customers’ choice and intuitive. Through the satisfaction unit sections’ buying, gathering, assembling, using, and storing bring, customers develop the brand loyalty and tool storage habits and reduce resource waste.

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Screwdriver Holder

In the basic maintenance work, the application of the screwdriver can be seen everywhere, but the problems are unavoidable, especially the problem of fixed between screwdriver and the screw, which make the screwdriver more stable when in using. The difficulties of the design are the combination of product outline and product semantics and the relation between plastic and metal frame.

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Tactica M100

The Tactica M100 multitool is a world first design combining hardened stainless steel and high tech polymer composite to deliver an ultra portable, adaptable and highly functional pocket multitool. The M100 features 18+ tools, including metric and imperial wrenches and rulers, box cutter, bottle opener and screwdriver with light and heavy duty sockets. TSA air travel compliant and tech friendly so you don't have to worry about it scratching your expensive phone or tablet. Lightweight, strong, versatile, the multitool redefined.

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Carta is a product to make dimensioning and planning easy by using a platform that enables users to use Carta for dimensioning and guidance and an app that acts as the design center. Carta has a sleek open wheel design created using a single spoke and smooth curves that make the product have an inviting and simple appearance while being innovative. Carta allows users to record all the dimensions and bring it to an app in real time, showing users the walked path over a satellite image. Alter and add notes to your design in the app then use Carta to bring it back to reality.

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Pole Saw

Garden tools are now widely used and come in a different category. Pole saws are used to cut tall branches, so people don't have to cut branches at high altitudes. However, according to the research results, some problems need to be solved. First of all, the falling sawdust always causes trouble to the user when cutting. Secondly, people feel tested when they hold the pole saw for a long time due to weight problems. A transparent umbrella-shape cover was designed to help protecting people when they are cutting the branches.

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Big Trimmer

The Big Trimmer reflect well machined solid body that respects simple rule: less is more. It’s a strong side’s testament of a simple milling and sheet of metal processes and it allows to excel the function of a device without any distractions. The device has two main parts in geometrical form of block base and cylinder, where in block base the hard work is done and in upper cylinder the soft part of work is done. Its not symbolic, its differently named logic.

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