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Tool, like a kind of 'media', is often defined as an object that people use to perform other work. Guorong tried to create a scenario in which tool can be used directly for itself so that people can 'play' tools like toys. He aimed at creating a new experience that allows people to enjoy the process of 'playing tools'. Pixel is a modular toolset designed for DIY enthusiasts. Its different function modules not only meet daily needs but also provide infinite possibilities for splicing, allowing users to enjoy the pleasure of creation.

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Right Angle

The handle of right angle screwdriver will take shape in a straight line or a right angle after design of the screwdriver structure to change the arm of force, thus meeting the requirements of operations and the needs in special circumstances. For example, the screw is too tight or too close to the facade. The handle appearance is considered human engineering to achieves a labor-saving effect. The screwdriver bits can be replaced according to different screws. The package is light and easy to carry.

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Azimuth is a leveling device that combines several measurement functions into one efficient product. With its digital level, line laser, cross laser, Laser Distance Measurer (LDM), and angle finder, all contained within its sleek aluminum chassis, Azimuth ensures accuracy on all steps of a project. With all the important data displayed on an inset 12 inch screen, Azimuth makes doing multiple forms of measurements one after another quick and effortless.

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Rotary Station

The Rotary Station is a laser leveling device with a round four-panel roll cage design that allows it to roll with the punches if dropped or knocked over. In the case of an impact too great for the outer shell to deflect, each panel breaks off from the core, absorbing the impact while leaving the core intact to finish the job. All detectors and remotes are stored in protective slots on the core, removing the need for a case. The Rotary Station is an efficient and uniquely durable rotary laser designed to maintain functionality through any potentially damaging scenario.

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It replaces the Container turnover machine and simplifies the container loading procedure. It uses telescopic conveyor belt to transport materials. It can load 450 tons per hour, which is twice that of traditional loaders. It is suitable for bulk materials supply areas such as docks, sand factory and construction sites.

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Silent Bull

The current technology is to enable lithium batteries to provide power for excavators. This electric excavator equipped with high-energy lithium batteries can reduce noise pollution significantly. Compared to conventional diesel engines, The excavator can also reduce engine space for storing more tools which can increase productivity and save more time.

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