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Ultra High Vacuum Sputtering System

The system is equipped with multiple UHV chambers: evaporation chamber, sputtering chamber, processing chamber, load lock, electron beam evaporation source. The whole system is fully automatic control, which supports semi-automatic mode, manual mode, and remote maintenance. The UHV Sputter System has neat and intuitive modelling, elaborate surface treatment, smooth and brightening texture, which gives the person a feeling of soft, simple, modern and beautiful. Ergonomic design pursues the details.

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Avalanche's beauty and innovation derives from the natural onyx stone look. Transparency of the quartz surface and usability of it as a lighting unit, makes it new and unique in the market. It is also a product that believed to enhance the brand recognition by the end users, in the market. By its long vein design, it suits the latest trends and be ahead of its competitors with its onyx resemblance.

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Laser Welding System

This design is a lithium battery welding equipment, through the transmission positioning device and laser welding device with the automatic welding of lithium battery, instead of manual welding, a high degree of automation, improve the welding efficiency of lithium battery, save manpower and material resources, to ensure the quality of lithium battery welding.

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CNC Machining Center

The CNC machining center has comprehensive functions and can perform milling, boring, drilling and thread cutting operations. The built-in tool magazine can be freely selected and replaced during the machining process, ensuring product quality and work efficiency. The overall shape is magnificent, and the unique shape has a sense of corporate identity.

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Arm Loader

A loader which mostly functions on uneven grounds may cause the driver to experience severe motion sickness and also cause them to feel rapid tiredness. However, the ‘ARM LOADER’ allows for the recognition of the coordinate points on the ground and helps the driver’s seat to be stable and not waver. Therefore, it helps the driver not to feel tired and allows them to carry out their work safely.

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Sao Ville

The “São Ville” design study offers a sophisticated approach to the modern agricultural management, simplifying the tractor´s cockpit by applying a cost effective, simple to operate, upgradeable interface represented by a tablet computer. Offering an easy to access and rich in functions platform to the operator, which would be otherwise difficult to implement. Added value is also the full overview and management of the crop by using specific agricultural applications installed on the tablet computer, able to communicate wirelessly with a central office.

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