Granada by Katty Kaitazoff

Katty Kaitazoff Presents The Granada Chair

Katty Kaitazoff, the creator of the awarded work Katty Kaitazoff's Granada Chair says, Geometry lines and well demarcated in a structure of carbon steel are the great highlight of this project. The design of the Granada chair, along with the amo <Cropped>

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Serel Design Team's Serel Poseidon Easywash Toilet Bowl

Serel Design Team Demonstrates The Serel Poseidon Easywash Toilet Bowl

Serel Design Team, the architect of the displayed project Serel Design Team's Serel Poseidon EasyWash Toilet Bowl demonstrates, By completely dominating cleaning water, Serel produced a solution that washes interior surface of toilet bowl and al <Cropped>

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Between Doors and Walls by Lien-Wu Chen

Lien-Wu Chen Demonstrates The Between Doors and Walls Residential Apartment

Lien-Wu Chen, the author of the displayed project Between doors and walls - Residential Apartment by Lien-Wu Chen explicates, This apartment is located between city and hills. Intend to create several layers of space lights and shadow and outer views <Cropped>

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Lifewtr Series 1-Bottle Graphics by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Lifewtr Series 1 Bottle Graphics

The maker of the awarded work Bottle Graphics:LIFEWTR Series 1 by Acclaimed Designer spells out, LIFEWTR is a new premium bottled water brand that exists to advance and showcase the sources of creation and creativity. The bottle serves as a canvas fo <Cropped>

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Bottle of Wine by Vladimír Raška

Vladimír Raška Designs The Piero Di Gardi Bottle of Wine

Vladimír Raška, the maker of the displayed project Piero di Gardi by Vladimír Raška demonstrates, Design of handwritten wine label symbolizes love letters between a young Czech girl and an Austrian officer. Two manuscripts of young beautiful peop <Cropped>

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Moho Art Prize

Moho Art Prize Is An Important Award Given to The Best International Talents in Contemporary Art.applications Are Reserved For Artists Under 50 Years Old. Applications Are Open to Artists of Any Nationality. Moho Art Prize Is An Important Award Given To

Moho art prize is an important award given to the best international talents in contemporary art.applications are reserved for artists under 50 years old. applications are open to artists of any nationality. Moho art prize is an important award give <Cropped>

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Food:selezione Italiana by Favini & Barilla & Draeger Gpp

Favini & Barilla & Draeger Gpp Designs The Selezione Italiana Food

Favini & Barilla & Draeger GPP, the architect of the award winning design Food by Favini & Barilla & Draeger GPP demonstrates, Selezione italiana is the first packaging completely made of Cartacrusca Favini, the paper produced exclusi <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Textile by Samira Boon

Samira Boon Shows The Archi Folds Multifunctional Textile

Samira Boon, the author of the highlighted work Multifunctional Textile:Archi Folds by Samira Boon illustrates, Archie Folds are inspired by the potential of Japanese origami techniques in architecture as a solution for flexible spatial usage. They e <Cropped>

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Poster/Print by Qian Sun

Qian Sun Illustrates The Architype New York Poster/Print

Qian Sun, the architect of the highlighted design Poster/Print by Qian Sun demonstrates, Architype New York is a series of black and white typographic illustrations of the buildings in New York City and the surrounding burrows. The pieces are an expl <Cropped>

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Yi-Xuan Lee's Anemone Sofa

Yi-Xuan Lee Shows The Anemone Sofa

Yi-Xuan Lee, the project leader of the award winning project Anemone by Yi-Xuan Lee says, In this project, what I mainly focus on is the visual tension. What I want to do is think outside the box of a sofa, and made a strong visual impact by combinin <Cropped>

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