J-01-Retail Sneakers Shops by Joint Deco

Joint Deco Shows The J-01 Retail Sneakers Shops

Joint Deco, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Retail Sneakers Shops:J-01 by Joint Deco demonstrates, J-01 as a flagship shop was opened in 8 August 2008 and launch of multi-brand and Olympics crossover limited edition sneakers. Being an <Cropped>

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Boutiqe Hotel Belvenu-Restructuration Historic Hotel by Gunther Fritz

Gunther Fritz Discloses The Boutiqe Hotel Belvenu Restructuration Historic Hotel

Gunther Fritz, the project leader of the displayed design Award Winning Boutiqe Hotel Belvenu Restructuration historic Hotel says, This Hotel stands as a historic solitaire in the middle of the medieval city square of Glurns. The challenge was to man <Cropped>

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Window to The Ocean by Nikolaos Karintzaidis

Nikolaos Karintzaidis Reveals The Window to The Ocean Dubai Maritime Museum

Nikolaos Karintzaidis, the designer of the displayed design Nikolaos Karintzaidis's Window to the Ocean Dubai Maritime Museum spells out, Design concept follows the idea that buildings are not simply physical objects, but artifacts with meaning <Cropped>

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Appshelf-Shelf by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Appshelf Shelf

The creative mind behind the displayed work Shelf:AppShelf by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, Inspired by the shape of an apple the "AppShelf" is as good looking as it is easy to use. Stylish, functional and modern are just some of labels <Cropped>

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Tea Brewer:reverence by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Reveals The Reverence Tea Brewer

Hakan Gürsu, the lead designer of the awarded work Reverence by Hakan Gürsu demonstrates, Designed as a sustainable tea brewer, Reverence is an energy and resource efficient teapot that combines traditional and modern elements in a harmonious way. <Cropped>

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The Man by Ethospace Pte. Ltd

Ethospace Pte. Ltd. Demonstrates The The Man Office

ETHOSpace Pte. Ltd., the author of the award winning project Award Winning The Man Office demonstrates, A design concept of a very personalized office of a man who lives his work with energy inspired by his spouse and family he cherishes. Everything <Cropped>

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Graphic Artwork, Make It Campaign by Tobinaga Takehiro

Tobinaga Takehiro Designs The 2015 Adobe Creative Cloud Release: Kumano Kodo Graphic Artwork, Make It Campaign

Tobinaga Takehiro, the maker of the award winning design 2015 Adobe Creative Cloud Release: Kumano Kodo by Tobinaga Takehiro illustrates, Adobe asked Takehiro to create a piece of work inspired by the Kumano-Kodo Trail in Japan. Adobe Creative Clou <Cropped>

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Chess Stick Cake Packaging by Kazuaki Kawahara

Kazuaki Kawahara Demonstrates The K&q Chess Stick Cake Packaging

Kazuaki Kawahara, the designer of the displayed design K&Q by Kazuaki Kawahara illustrates, This is a packaging design for baked goods (stick cakes, financiers). With a length to width ratio of 8:1, the sides of these sleeves are extremely long a <Cropped>

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Lighting Design Award

A' Design Award and Competition Is Open For a' International Lighting Products and Projects Design Awards

A' Design Award and Competition is open for submission of entries by lighting and product designers, lighting architects and lighting product manufacturers from all over the world. With participants from over 100 countries, The A' Lighting <Cropped>

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Villa by Aijaz Hakim Architect

Aijaz Hakim Architect Illustrates The Peacock Woods Villa

Aijaz Hakim Architect, the lead designer of the displayed design Aijaz Hakim Architect's Peacock Woods Villa explicates, Family history inspired the architects to make this project with a unique character. A modern and resort like home. The pro <Cropped>

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