Nature of Space by Ling Zhou

Ling Zhou Exhibits The Nature of Space Corporate Headquarter

Ling Zhou, the project leader of the displayed design Award Winning Nature of Space Corporate headquarter points out, Life is like a movie, and space design is to memorize scenes with stories, to separate them from the office's inherent thinking <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Chien-Ting Wang

Chien-Ting Wang Reveals The Residence With Graceful Elegance Interior Design

Chien-Ting Wang, the creator of the displayed design Interior Design by Chien-Ting Wang illustrates, With the ingenious design skill, from the perspective of lines, that outlines the great scenery outside the building, the designer makes the living e <Cropped>

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2016 Overhaul-Pepper Spray Packaging by Jessica Adanich & Bernie Graney

Jessica Adanich & Bernie Graney Reveals The 2016 Overhaul Pepper Spray Packaging

Jessica Adanich & Bernie Graney, the creator of the awarded design 2016 Overhaul by Jessica Adanich & Bernie Graney spells out, Mace Security International, Inc., known for the iconic MaceĀ® Brand Pepper Spray decided in 2014 to refresh their <Cropped>

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Symbol of Freedom:multicultural Temple by Lia Versteege

Lia Versteege Creates The Multicultural Temple Symbol of Freedom

Lia Versteege, the author of the award winning design Award Winning Multicultural Temple Symbol of freedom spells out, The Multicultural Temple shows the human strive for survival. For centuries, myths, gods and religions have offered security and m <Cropped>

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Office:square Inside Circle by Shu-Yuan Chang

Shu-Yuan Chang Shows The Square Inside Circle Office

Shu-Yuan Chang, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Office by Shu-Yuan Chang demonstrates, Tradition of Chinese Yin and Yang concept is the central concept of Chinese years ago. Chinese believes that wisdom is to predominate the Yin Yang <Cropped>

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Award Winning Halo Lamp

Matthew Mccormick Spotlights The Halo Lamp

Matthew McCormick, the creator of the highlighted work Lamp by Matthew McCormick spells out, Originally inspired as a graphically interpretation of effervescence. Halo is series of bold lamps inspired by the soft warm glow their illuminaire. This m <Cropped>

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Stone Plant Sculpture by Udo Hubert Dagenbach

Udo Hubert Dagenbach Shows The Stone Plant Sculpture Sculpture

Udo Hubert Dagenbach, the maker of the highlighted design sculpture:Stone Plant Sculpture by Udo Hubert Dagenbach explicates, A maximum, minimalistic garden on a space of 130/130/130 cm. The European interpretation of Japanese Zen Gardens. Forming <Cropped>

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Transmitter Design Competition

Autec and Desall Invite You to Design a New Portable Wireless Remote Control For Machines and Hydraulic Cranes.transmitter Design Competition New Product Design Contest On Autec and Desall Invite You to Design a New Portable Wireless Remote C

Autec and desall invite you to design a new portable wireless remote control for machines and hydraulic cranes.Transmitter design competition new product design contest on autec and desall invite you to design a new portable wireless rem <Cropped>

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Art Installation by Blue Mount

Blue Mount Portrays The The Yangtze Art Installation

Blue Mount, the thinktank behind the awarded work Art Installation by Blue Mount demonstrates, The first of its kind, K11 is brand of premium shopping malls that merges retail and fine arts. For their Wuhan opening, Blue Mount won the bid to create a <Cropped>

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Residential Space:british Jazz by Karen Lin

Karen Lin Shows The British Jazz Residential Space

Karen Lin, the maker of the displayed project Residential Space:British Jazz by Karen Lin points out, Design team adheres to the pursuit of aesthetic details and the presentation of material construction methods, hoping to bring a better quality of l <Cropped>

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