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The aim of the project is to make an excavator that is more specialized for future workspaces. The material handling industry has a narrow workspace and material handler excavators are machines with many blind spots. So the Janus was designed with maneuverability and full visibility in mind. Interviews with the people inside the material handling industry done by the designer showed him that these people want this industry to be seen as different from other heavy machine industries. The form shows this by going out of the standart excavator design and being a more different vehicle.

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hex key

The idea of the all-in-one hex key occurred when the designer start to think what is a more efficient and more aesthetic way to organize and to utilize hex keys. Hammers, drive bits, screw drivers, and ratchet handles; each one of them have its own function. Why a handful of hex keys must be together to perform one function? The re-designed hex key set can perform its function more easily and beautifully, saving lots of time and work.

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Chinese Goji Picker

Goji annual output is very large,but the vast majority is still artificial picking,time-consuming and laborious.AND Goji leaves have a lot of short spines,so many workers had to bring gloves picking,but still injured.Inspired by the relative rotation of the gear, the gear into a soft silicone brush, in the outdated time will not hurt the fruit.This harvester design no only improves peoples comfort in use,protects the hands of workers,but also improves work effciency and picking speed.The machine handle is ergonomic and can be used by the worker to reduce the tiredness of the hand

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Painier professional gasoline engine chain saws break the inherent form language and visual image of similar products. We deal the starting device, tensioning device, air filter and other important components with an innovative design, make the Function and Form have an ingenious fusion. In addition, painier's superb internal combustion engine technology can reduce fuel consumption, improve carbon deposition, reduce emissions and pollution, obtain the EU’s VCA emission certificate.

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The most important thing for industrial design is to solve the problem, and every one of the problems is when the new design appears.In construction engineering, decoration, furniture manufacturing or some other engineering areas, measuring a corner of the data is more difficult, usually requires a variety of tools to use, or through mathematical calculations.This is a ruler called "crab", through the press, can quickly measure the corner of the data.It is very convenient.This design is designed to solve the problem, so that industrial design has a unique charm.

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Creator Z-03

The biggest speciality of this sewing needle is that it has a coloured needle eye made of silicone. Firstly, when leading the tread through the needle, the needle eye can be enlarged by pressing, thus making it easy for the thread to get through. Secondly, With this coloured needle, we can easily lock at the target! Thirdly, when the needle falls onto the ground, the soft material end helps easy pick-up. Fourthly, you can use different colours to identify the dimension you need.

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